Carré Curieux, Cirque vivant!

Petit frère

Circus performance


Fraternal juggling, micro-acrobatics: a clown duet with a sweet folly.
Behind their skimpy appearance and their friendly faces, they are magicians, skillful manipulators of objects of all kinds.
Clubs, canes, diabolo-tops: the bodies often merge to give these objects a simple life with teasing and surprises.
Let yourself be entangled in stealth!
For the grand fnale brace yourselves for a world’s unique duo, an intrepid act of acrobatic lifts on a bicycle with training wheels!
Itty bitty acrobatics and thrills guaranteed!


All public performance / Direct relation with the public in a universal language.
Disciplines: Clown / Juggling (diabolo-tops, clubs, canes, soap bubble) / acrobatic lifts on a child's bicycle.
Circular version - Street show, school show and Theater show: 45 minutes.
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