Carré Curieux, Cirque vivant!

Mini vélo

A clown duet with tender folly.

Hang on for an intrepid act of acrobatic lifts on a bicycle with training wheels!

Itty bitty acrobatics and thrills guaranteed!


Act for indoors, big top and street.

All public.

6 minutes.

Creators, interpreters and authors/Clown-acrobats: Vladimir Couprie and Florent Lestage.
With the artistic complicity of: Pedro Miguel Silva.
Costumes: Aline Breucker.
Carré Curieux, Cirque Vivant! / Hajimé Asbl-Vzw  

La Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (S.A.C.D.) # Théâtre de la Roseraie # Latitude 50 / Pôle arts du cirque et de la rue

Technical contact: Vladimir Couprie
vladimir (at)
+32 (0) 476 23 60 51 
Technical requirements:
• Minimum stage dimensions: 6m x 5m x 3m high; Ideal stage dimensions: 7m x 7m x 3m high.

• Hard floor, flat, smooth and level (eg parquet covered with dance linoleum).

• Music: Sound equipment including a CD player or a USB port and a mini-jack input for iPod.

• Light: full lighting with a warm atmosphere.

•  Secure dressing room with sanitation.
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